Seamless Transition of Newly Acquired Aircraft Into an Operator’s Fleet

Bringing a new aircraft into on operator’s fleet, whether a new production aircraft or one purchased from another operator, requires a lot of effort to input the necessary information into the operator’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Here’s how Tsunami has helped customers with this process:

  • Aircraft Bridging: When an operator purchases an aircraft from another operator, an analysis is required to determine the new maintenance requirements, based on a comparison of the previous operator’s maintenance requirements to the new operator’s. This bridging process takes specialized skill and knowledge of the regulatory requirements. Tsunami has subject matter experts on staff who have accomplished aircraft bridging, and we have developed induction tools (see below) to input the last done/next due information directly into the operator’s ERP system.
  • Aircraft Induction: Loading the inventory for the new aircraft into the operator’s ERP system can be a time-consuming effort. In particular, it is important to ensure that tracked components (life limited parts, flight controls, removable primary structural components, etc.) are loaded accurately with the correct position information, to ensure that maintenance requirements and life limits for these parts are tracked correctly. Tsunami has developed processes to parse OEM inventory lists (such as the Aircraft Readiness Log) directly into an operator’s ERP system. We have also developed processes to parse IPC data files into the ERP system, to ensure that the applicability/effectivity information from the IPC is translated directly into the ERP system.
  • Tsunami Tsolutions is your trusted partner in aircraft bridging, championing the seamless management of fleet transitions with an unwavering commitment to safety, regulatory compliance, and operational efficacy. Navigate the complexities of aircraft bridging with Tsunami Tsolutions, and ensure your newly acquired aircraft are seamlessly added to your operation.
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