Aviation Technical Services

Tsunami Tsolutions has the industry experience and domain knowledge to design and implement effective engineering solutions for your business that will optimize your maintenance and reliability program’s capabilities.

Tsunami Tsolutions can develop or modernize a Part 121 aircraft reliability program, providing benefits to operating cost and system availability. Services include reviewing current program documentation, upgrading data collection processes, and incorporation of analytical tools that will move your program to prediction versus reaction. Additionally, steps can be taken to drive improvements to the aircraft maintenance programs, augmenting your analytical capabilities and tailoring the program for optimal savings.

For our defense customers, Tsunami Tsolutions can help operations incorporate the best of commercial practices and condition-based maintenance-plus (CBM+) concepts. These improvements enable you to track your asset’s performance throughout its operating lifecycle and define the maintenance necessary using both advanced analytical tools as well as process improvements. We have the experience and tools to maximize your fleet’s reliability and target the most effective improvement opportunities. 

Our brand of technology insertion and experienced engineering support services can help operators reduce their maintenance and operating costs without compromising safety or readiness.

Tsunami Tsolutions’ team of experienced engineers and licensed A&P technicians can also:

The FAA requires that Part 121 air carriers maintain a Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System (CASS)- a quality control system where the company is continuously monitoring its maintenance programs, recognizing potential issues, and making corrections. Accumulating the data involved can be arduous and time-consuming. Tsunami Tsolutions can do more than just help you stay in compliance. Services include evaluating program documentation, processes, and tools to either develop an initial program or enhance the existing CASS process. With our understanding of the interrelationships between compliance programs and our IT expertise, we can ensure the interfaces into the reliability and safety management programs are simple and effective.

Engineering services can also include authoring of technical documents, development of training materials, delivering training and support of accurate record-keeping – a vital service for any business that operates, sells, maintains or leases aircraft engines and rotable components.


Aviation Technical Services

Tsunami Tsolutions can implement the tools and processes necessary to capture, organize, and analyze operational and performance data from your aircraft, engines, and smart subsystems. We can support application of the process to help diagnose emerging issues and prevent major disruptive events while optimizing your service interval or on-wing time. Tsunami also provides spares planning integration with removal forecasting, ensuring spares are prepositioned and available to coincide with a maintenance visit.

Tsunami Tsolutions will help you develop your maintenance program so that your assets will spend more time in the air than in the repair cycle. From maintenance task analysis services, program development and modernization, to maintenance bridging programs that help you efficiently integrate new aircraft into your fleet, we can keep your maintenance facilities running more efficiently. 

Condition-Based Maintenance-Plus (CBM+) is the application and integration of appropriate processes, technologies, and knowledge-based capabilities to improve the reliability and maintenance effectiveness of systems and components. At its core, CBM+ is maintenance performed based on Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) analysis and other enabling processes and technologies, including prognostic health management. CBM+ uses a system engineering approach to collect data, enable analysis, and support the decision-making processes for system acquisition, sustainment, and operations. Tsunami can help customers move from an unscheduled, reactive approach to a proactive and predictive approach that is driven by condition sensing and integrated, analysis-based decisions. Additionally, our team can help with technology insertion that improves maintenance capabilities and processes and integrates the support elements to enable enhanced maintenance-centric logistics system responses. With more accurate predictions of impending failures (based on real-time condition data), coupled with more timely and effective repairs, moving toward CBM+ will result in dramatic savings.

Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System (CASS) is a program mandated by the FAA for certain operators. Its purpose is to improve the effectiveness of inspection and maintenance programs by continuously monitoring and collecting data and making changes based on that data, as necessary.  

A Reliability Program is the basis for any maintenance and inspection program surveillance function in a CASS. We have the expertise to collect and analyze that data, enabling your CASS and reliability programs to be of the greatest benefit to your organization, reducing risk, increasing availability, and driving continual improvement.

If your CASS or Reliability program is not working to your satisfaction, or you are looking for improved technology with advanced analytics to take you to a new level of maintenance efficiency, call Tsunami Tsolutions today.

Management of As-Built and As-Maintained configuration of assets is critical to compliance and performance across the A&D industry. At Tsunami, we understand the tools and processes necessary to support aircraft, engines or components with multiple configurations and applicability within different systems and models. We can help establish preferred configurations to take advantage of design improvements, alternate parts and improve reliability while reducing cost. Our Aerospace Support Engineering department can implement a configuration control system for your organization to track them accurately, including:

  • Interchangeability management
  • Service Bulletin applicability and compliance
  • Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) to electronic Bill of Materials (BOM) conversions, improving accuracy and customer acceptance of invoicing

Control of configuration is critical to continued airworthiness and we can enable your success.

Tsunami Tsolutions offers a wide array of Technical and Maintenance Records Support services to meet the needs of your operations, including:

  • Records Management, Analysis, and Reporting
  • Creation and maintenance of a comprehensive digital records management system
  • Authoring and maintaining technical documents and work cards, including revision control using ATA/ASD Specs
  • Collection, Tracking, and Analyzing critical data for MRO operations
  • Format conversions of third-party maintenance records for data ingestion into your (or an OEM) system

Aerospace leasing has a unique requirement set derived to support both regulatory and financial needs. Accurate records, effective configuration management and a detailed work scope control are critical to maintaining both the airworthiness, and value of your leased assets. Our team has extensive experience in the areas of maintenance oversight, records management, and creation of pre- and post-lease documentation packages and deep knowledge of the various information systems in use across the global MRO network. We understand the challenges that exist when managing airframe, engines, components and equipment across a diverse operator base and repair network. To support our customers, we provide a wide range of leasing support services – from records review and document packages to custom tailoring a lease management solution to your specific business needs.

Tsunami Tsolutions can supplement internal compliance auditing for your organization providing valuable insight into the health and effectiveness of your maintenance programs. We can work with your team in support of the regulatory elements of your maintenance program, including airworthiness responsibility definition, maintenance manual composition, maintenance organization structure, maintenance and alterations performance, maintenance schedule management, required inspection items (RII) management, maintenance recordkeeping system, contract maintenance management, personnel training processes, and CASS. The process typically starts with a comprehensive review of your current program and provides a ranked maturity assessment for each requested area. We can provide a complete report with recommendations and then assist with preventative and corrective actions.

Tsunami offers FAA/DOT Drug and Alcohol Program support. We are one of eight companies in the U.S. with an in-house Chief Compliance Specialist, certified as a Drug and Alcohol Program Administrator specializing in Aviation (C-DAPA-A). If you need to establish or update this important program, consider the benefits in experience and risk reduction the industry experts at Tsunami can provide.

Reverse logistics is the process of knowing when to reuse your repairable assets, such as spare parts, engines, or components – and when to scrap or recycle them. Eventually the cost of repairing or overhauling a unit will exceed the value of its remaining life. Tsunami Tsolutions has the knowledge and experience to develop and implement a system that will allow you to track the performance and reliability of your assets, while being aware of their remaining useful life. Knowing when to repair a unit and when to scrap it will streamline inventory and minimize your maintenance costs.