Partners in Engineering Excellence and Technological Advancement

Since 2003, Tsunami Tsolutions has stood as a beacon in the aerospace and defense industry, offering unparalleled technology solutions to a diverse clientele, from Fortune 100 OEMs and Operators to pioneering MROs and Start-Ups. Our ethos is grounded in partnership; we delve deep into the unique challenges of our clients to deliver both off-the-shelf and custom-engineered solutions that propel businesses towards their strategic goals.

Global Support with a Focus on Application Development and ERP Implementation

Operating from key locations in Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, and through our Canadian branch, Hardpoint Technology Solutions, we offer global support tailored to local needs. Whether it’s data migration, records management for engines or components, or a robust fleet management solution, Tsunami is your go-to partner for elevating operational efficiency and achieving long-term success.


Why Choose Us?


The Connecticut Technology Council recognized Tsunami Tsolutions as one of Connecticut’s “10 Fastest Growing IT Service Companies”.


IFS, one of the world’s leading ERP Software providers recognized Tsunami as “New Partner of the Year”.


CIO Review Magazine named Tsunami Tsolutions as a “Top 10 Most promising Aviation Tech Services company”.