Aviation Technical Services

Reliability, CASS and CBM+

Condition-Based Maintenance-Plus (CBM+) is the application and integration of appropriate processes, technologies, and knowledge-based capabilities to improve the reliability and maintenance effectiveness of systems and components. At its core, CBM+ is maintenance performed based on Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) analysis and other enabling processes and technologies, including prognostic health management. CBM+ uses a system engineering approach to collect data, enable analysis, and support the decision-making processes for system acquisition, sustainment, and operations. Tsunami can help customers move from an unscheduled, reactive approach to a proactive and predictive approach that is driven by condition sensing and integrated, analysis-based decisions. Additionally, our team can help with technology insertion that improves maintenance capabilities and processes and integrates the support elements to enable enhanced maintenance-centric logistics system responses. With more accurate predictions of impending failures (based on real-time condition data), coupled with more timely and effective repairs, moving toward CBM+ will result in dramatic savings.

Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System (CASS) is a program mandated by the FAA for certain operators. Its purpose is to improve the effectiveness of inspection and maintenance programs by continuously monitoring and collecting data and making changes based on that data, as necessary.  

A Reliability Program is the basis for any maintenance and inspection program surveillance function in a CASS. We have the expertise to collect and analyze that data, enabling your CASS and reliability programs to be of the greatest benefit to your organization, reducing risk, increasing availability, and driving continual improvement.

If your CASS or Reliability program is not working to your satisfaction, or you are looking for improved technology with advanced analytics to take you to a new level of maintenance efficiency, call Tsunami Tsolutions today.