Business Intelligence
and Decision Support

Business intelligence leverages analytics, data mining, visualization tools and data governance practices to help organizations make better data-driven decisions. A mature BI framework gives you a comprehensive view of your organization’s data and the power to leverage that data, driving change, eliminating inefficiencies, and adapting quickly to new scenarios.

Software tool providers offer an important part of the solution, but a fully developed Business Intelligence solution requires disciplined data scientists and deep subject matter expertise. When implemented effectively, the decision-making tools empower the business users’ analysis through well governed data, provide trusted unified platforms, and real-time insight.

Tsunami Tsolutions helps aerospace and defense users with:


Business Intelligence and Decision Support

We built our decision support solutions team from the ground up with industry experts in aerospace and manufacturing data as well as experienced technologists and data scientists. This means we can create effective solutions that meet your specific business needs without having to spend months learning what makes your industry unique. Imagine having a partner that can understand the language you speak in your business every day, reducing the complexity and time required to develop requirements specifications. We begin our process by listening to our clients’ needs and begin innovating from there, selecting the right technologies and often anticipating the operational challenges you have – we have solved many of them before. Work with us to implement analytics and decision-making tools that really work.  

Tsunami Tsolutions has the right combination of aerospace, data science and IT expertise to design and customize reports as well as audit data and databases. We have worked across the aerospace, defense, and component repair industry, enabling our experts to offer real recommendations based on their experience. More than just consultants, we can take the next step and design, build, and implement solutions that fit into the systems and architecture you already have. Contact us today to see how we can unlock the hidden potential in your data systems and empower your teams to take advantage of the answers within.

Your Data Value Stream encompasses the lifecycle of your business transactions along with the metadata and relationships inherent to your information backbone. If data is what makes your business thrive, then it takes active management and strong validation protocols to keep it clean and organized so it can be trusted and easily consumed. Tsunami helps manage the data supply chains for the world’s leading aerospace and defense organizations across their global enterprises. With a team that understands the processes your data supports and the domain knowledge to apply the right solutions, Tsunami will plan a sustainable model to ensure the fidelity of information your teams need. Our strategies allow decision makers to get answers faster and to have more confidence in their conclusions while avoiding the time wasted in data cleansing and conditioning. Contact us today to see how we can help you get on the path to better data management.