ERP System Support and Implementation

Tsunami’s ERP implementation services empower customers to get the full benefit of ther software investment. Whether you need help choosing a product to fit your needs, implementing the software, or assisting the business with adjacent engineering analysis, Tsunami is ready to partner with you. We assist A&D customers such as airlines, air forces, OEMs, and MROs with:

  • Software Selection
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Solutioning
  • API Integrations
  • Data Migration (including export, cleansing, transformation, and loading)
  • Data Validation for Completeness and Quality
  • Technical Source Data integration (Including Configuration, Manufacturing, and Maintenance Planning)
  • Report and Dashboard Development
  • System Testing and User Testing Support
  • Change Management
  • Training Material Development
  • Super-User and User Training
  • Post Go-live and Helpdesk Support
  • Database Environment Management and Middleware support
  • Cloud hosting
  • Software upgrades

Since 2009 Tsunami has successfully implemented ERP solutions and upgrades within the A&D sector. Tsunami is an independent consultant with partnerships throughout the A&D software market.

We recognize that for ERP implementation success you need a complete delivery solution. Tsunami delivers that success by combining certified processes and demonstrated success in A&D with certified software technicians, subject matter experts and our industry partners.

Tsunami can implement small footprint solutions, such as asset management or complete ERP suites, covering Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Engineering and more. Tsunami will also develop custom software to customize data flows around your existing 3rd party, ERP, and legacy systems.

Tsunami partners with best of breed software development firms such as IFS, Ramco, and Infor to help our customers select the best tools for their specific needs and then effectively incorporate the software into their business network. An example of our industry experience includes our work as a channel and services partner for ERP developer IFS. Tsunami Tsolutions has led planning, deploying, and support for IFS Applications and IFS Maintenix, earning recognition as the 2018 IFS “New Partner of the Year”.


ERP System Support and Implementation

We understand the challenges of supporting legacy platforms and the difficulty in integration decision support solutions on aging systems. We can provide you a detailed assessment of the system shortfalls, including recommendations for triage and corrective/mitigating action if necessary. If an ERP implementation is the right solution for you, we can help. Most importantly, we understand the fundamental elements of a system implementation and can develop an integrated master plan and schedule that provide a comprehensive framework for success. We can help you lead your teams to achieve an effective system implementation.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can be one of the most beneficial investments a company can make in its scalability and efficiency; having access to all your data, seeing it organized and having it available anytime, anywhere, in the world. Whether you need manufacturing, maintenance, asset management, procurement, or all the above, Tsunami Tsolutions can help you develop an implementation strategy that will fit your business now and into the future. Our solution analysts provide Business Value Engineering and Process Mapping support to ensure that your new solution is configured to meet your specific business needs. They will also establish implementation and user acceptance testing plans to confirm system success.

Data migration is one of the most challenging aspects of an ERP implementation due to the variety of legacy systems, disparate data formats, and ad hoc business processes that store data at various locations. Tsunami Tsolutions Data Migration professionals will migrate that data into your new ERP system and make sure that the data is complete and accurate. Migration is also the time to cleanse your database, providing confidence in the baseline datasets used and ensuring that validations are in place to link accurate data collection to your new business process.

Retrieving and displaying the data you need to run your business is one of the most important aspects of your system implementation. Our business analysts work with you to understand your current reporting strategies and translate these requirements to the new business environment. We can also work with you to custom design system integrations that enable seamless data flow across your systems’ architecture. Whether it is regularly scheduled reporting, ad hoc reporting, or system integration needs, you define the needs – and we deliver.

Tsunami Tsolutions’ Help Desk can provide a variety of troubleshooting services for our products and partner systems. Our experts help determine triage support options, investigate root cause, and support the implementation of corrective and preventative actions. Our call center is available 24×7 and custom Service Level Agreements can be implemented to meet specific business needs.

Today’s ERP providers continue to invest in enhancements to their systems to provide increased functionality, ease of use, and enhanced security. Expanded capability can also be driven as your business grows and the industry evolves. We can leverage our collective knowledge of your business and understanding of the leading ERP packages to define and support upgrades designed to enhance your systems, training materials, security, ongoing systems analysis, and more. Tsunami Tsolutions is committed to supporting what we install.

We support our work. If issues arise, our Production Operations Center is staffed 8am – 8pm EST Monday through Friday and 8am – 5pm on weekends, with 24/7 telephone support. You will never be “on your own” when you partner with Tsunami Tsolutions.

For more information, talk to us today. The call is free and there is no obligation.